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Continuous Flighting

Continuous Flighting is predominately used within a screw/auger conveyor, to move granular, fine or liquid materials, in either a vertical or horizontal manner.

Many bulk handling industries use them to move products such as grain, stock feed, flour, wheat, just to name a few.

Kay Mainline stock a huge range of continuous flighting.

Varying sizes of Continuous Flighting we can supply :

The smallest size being 3 meters in length, 73mm Outside Diameter with a 15nb Inside Diameter and 3mm thick.

Through to the largest size being 3 meters in length, 460mm Outside Diameter with a 100nb Inside Diameter and 4.8mm thick.

With many, many sizes in between.

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Continuous Flighting

Please don’t hesitate in contacting Kay Mainline if you need a hand to work out what you require for your application, we’re only too happy to help in any way we can. Or give us a call on (03) 9793 4144.